Energy Healing

How Does Energy Healing Work?

Our Hours:

Mon – Fri – 10am-4pm

As an energy healing practitioner I have been trained to focus and amplify life-force energy by combining various breathing and body awareness exercises.

Once that energy field is placed around an area of pain, stress, inflammation, or disease, that part of the body will entrain to the higher frequency and allow one’s own biological intelligence to do whatever healing it deems

Is Energy Healing effective?

The body has an extraordinary ability to heal itself. Energy healing helps to maximize the body’s own capacity to heal. It addresses the root cause of disease and creates the space for true healing to occur. Rather than just
working on symptoms, we will address the underlying cause of disease.

Energy healing can easily be done from a distance, requiring no physical contact with the client. This allows
those who are uncomfortable with physical contact or are unable to travel, to receive the full benefits of an energy healing session.

Clients can remain in the privacy and comfort of their own home. During a distant healing session I create an
image of my client either sitting, standing or lyingdown, the same as with an in person session.

This can easily be done from a photo, however with some of the methods that we use a photo is not a requirement in order for you to receive the benefits of a distant healing session. Our clients have seen some incredible results with only a name and location.

A Typical Healing Session:

Your initial session begins with a brief intake in order to get a clear sense of your reason for coming. Next I will start by focusing on your area of concern and proceed by placing my hands around the area of imbalance. Only a very light touch is required for hands on sessions. (There is no manipulation involved)

* For more information about Energy healing please visit here.


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